About Beacon Engineering Resources

Bringing the best together

Beacon’s mission statement is quite simple: We are bringing the best together. The finest Technical Recruiters helping only the nation’s most talented engineers. Together, supporting the country’s most reputable companies.

To achieve these goals, the entire Beacon Team is held to a higher standard; committed to excellence. Anything less is unacceptable. Moreover, we strongly believe the true road to success has no shortcuts. We have therefore embedded integrity, honesty, and communication into our foundation. In our pursuit of the highest level of success, we pledge uncompromised standards, unwavering values, and non-negotiable personal or corporate ethics. These founding principles have allowed us to build priceless, lifelong relationships with client managers and contractors, of which we are most proud.

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“There’s no such thing as the perfect car. But, as engineers, it’s our job to get as close as possible.”

– Ferry Porsche
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