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Similar to the way you manage your department and programs, The Beacon Process is engineered with the same high  precision and quality driven focus. We bring together engineering talent and your technical needs through our innovative and proprietary recruitment strategies. As you are aware, finding expertise for specialized, time-sensitive projects can be a daunting task in any job market. Beacon’s Technical Recruiters take the time to understand your needs, whether the need is for one or dozens, now or weeks from now. If you are frustrated with your search for a certain expertise internally, locally, or permanently, the knowledge and guidance of Beacon’s recruiting team is the solution.

5 Reasons to become a Beacon  Client:

  1. Proven Resources and Capabilities – We prefer to utilize our ‘benched’ engineers who have successfully worked with Beacon in the past. However, with our resourcefulness and creativity, we are also able to recruit locally, regionally, and/or nationally; offering you quicker and broader access to greater matching, pre-qualified candidates.
  2. Engineering Specialists – Beacon’s extensive experience and exclusive focus in engineering disciplines ensure that we are highly proficient with your required skills and will typically respond within a day to your most hard-to-find positions.
  3. Peace of mind – Clients need not be concerned about associated employer liabilities, such as workers compensation, unemployment, payroll taxes, or benefits. Customers are also insulated from the risks of co-employment, which have recently gained notability from lawsuits filed by contractors claiming they are entitled to the same benefits as Client’s direct employees. Rest assured, Beacon maintains established policies and procedures to ensure compliance with employment laws.
  4. Customized engineering solutions – Whether the need is for a short or long-term contract, direct placement, temp-to-perm, or payroll services, Beacon is your full-service vendor. All of these services can be tailored to meet your requirements and coordinated through a single point of contact. While Beacon manages the entire recruitment process, you remain focused on your core engineering and business activities, maintaining control of your projects, and enabling you to deliver on time and under budget.
  5. Unrivaled Pricing –  Beacon is committed to offering a personalized, results-driven service at highly competitive rates and flexible terms.

“Beacon Engineering has my highest recommendation. Professional. Experienced. Impressive. I will not work with anyone else.”

-Susan, Human Resources Director

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