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Beacon helps to put America back to work, one engineer at a time, read some of the inspirational stories from the field…

Going above and beyond is our job. Nothing exemplifies this more than stories from the field. Stories that showcase the Beacon Team at its best. A glimpse into a few of the traits that are building a success story: resiliency, passion, ingenuity, and the determination to become the nation’s premier provider of technical talent.
We receive many letters, emails, and calls from our customers and contractors, not complementing us on our unblemished payroll department, but rather how superb our people are; from our contractors in the field to our team back in our Topsfield office. From day one in this business, we have adopted a people-focused philosophy and will only hire staff and contractors who have a spirit to serve and are consistently willing to rise to the daily challenges.

Here are just a few excerpts from these inspiring stories…

Carlos, one of Connecticut’s finest Mechanical Designers, suddenly found himself out of work in this struggling economy. With three daughters, he was terrified with uncertainty, yet worked exclusively with Beacon over the next 2 weeks. His Recruiter’s deep knowledge of Connecticut’s market and relentless proactive approach landed him a dream assignment. His family could be heard in the background crying and jumping for joy when a position was offered.
Alan, a CNC Programmer, has worked with our President on 5 contract assignments spanning nearly 2 decades. The trust and confidence they have in one another is incomparable. Alan was handpicked as Beacon’s first engineer as he personifies our company philosophy: loyalty, quality-driven, commitment, and customer satisfaction.
Michael, a Mechanical Systems Engineering Manager for a vehicle manufacturer in New York, ‘desperately lacked the necessary horsepower’ to manage an incoming program. Frustrated with agencies and their inability to grasp the skills and, subsequently, with their unqualified candidates, he was justifiably hesitant to work with Beacon. Three weeks later, we are proud to be the entire companies’ exclusive vendor for technical contract labor. “(Beacon) simply blew me away. Their knowledge, resources, turn-around time, and focus on quality are without equal. And their transparent pricing policy sealed the deal with purchasing”.
Gary, a Plant Manager for an equipment manufacturer, was responsible for ramping up a brand new, state of the art manufacturing operation in a rural part of Iowa. Unable to hire locally or recruit skilled engineers from their other company locations, he was highly receptive of our offer to help yet skeptical of results. Within two weeks, we had 3 Quality Engineers and 4 Manufacturing Assembly Engineers on-site for Gary. Our Technical Recruiters were personally and publicly recognized for their outstanding services on the client’s website.
Rosa, an Aerospace Manufacturing Engineer from Puerto Rico, eager to seek growth and advancement in the States, contacted Beacon for assistance. She came highly recommended; described as one of the most skilled and dedicated engineers. Within a week, she was offered a dream opportunity in Connecticut. However, her fiancé, a Mechanical Engineer, would be left behind in Puerto Rico. Through our vetting process, we find out how talented he is; a natural leader and mentor. Today, they are married and working together with the same Connecticut client.
Susan, a Quality Engineer, originally from New Hampshire relocated to Florida. Homesick, she decided a move back to New England was best for the family. Spotlighting her proven experience, Master’s degree and Six Sigma Black Belt, Beacon went to work and arranged an on-site meeting with a long-term client. Within weeks, she was back home with her children and settled in to her new position. Ten months later, she is promoted to Quality Manager and, subsequently, new Beacon client.

“You can dream, create, design and build… but it requires people to make the dream a reality.”

-Walt Disney

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